Aquamarine Trillion Chevron Engagement Ring

Posted by Khay Amani Oberon on

The Flora Themed Aquamarine and Tsavorite Engagement Ring.

James came to see me looking for something very avant-garde for his lady love.  

He thought hard about the design and didn't' want a straight band either, enter the chevron shaped band.

He wanted to incorporate blue and green as well as a butterfly theme. 

James knew his lady wasn't really all that into diamonds, like so many millennial couples these days, so we worked with his parameters and came up with this absolute stunner of a design. We put bright green rare tsavorite garnets and diamonds in channels, along the chevron shaped band. The setting style keeps the look modern and low key whilst protecting the somewhat delicate tsavorite garnets. 

Jame's lady love worked with children in a very hands on capacity so we needed a design that was durable and was unlikely to catch in clothing or scratch the kiddies. So we decided to set her pastel blue  trillion shaped aquamarine in a protective bezel setting. A final personalized touch was a pierced out butterfly silhouette in the under-gallery of the bezel setting, visible on only one side. 

I just love adding these tiny details only visible to those who care to look closely.

I wish James and his love the best in their travels around the world. 

chevron shaped band trillion aquamarine engagement ring


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