David's Skull Pattern Wedding Ring

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Skull Wedding Band in white gold with black diamond eyes

I think it's no secret at this point that my clients seek me out when they can't find what they want anywhere else. These often end up becoming my favorite projects.

Skull Pattern wedding ring on hand

This repeating skull pattern wedding ring is no exception. 

David is one of my long time customers and supporters of K. Amani and I wanted to live up to my own reputation for creating such fantastical pieces for him over the years. 

When planning for his wedding he decided that his wedding ring needed to match his personality and style, enter the skull design. 

Turning tradition completely on it's head we came up with a pattern that went all the way around the ring, a row of outward facing skulls set between two rails, and with black diamonds for eyes. 

From a practical standpoint, it was a challenge to maintain a decent amount of detail that would wear well over time, but not to completely overdo it and create something unwearable. I think I achieved a happy balance for Dave, who was very happy with the result. 

Some may think this a morbid choice for a wedding ring, and associate skulls with death. I chose to think of it a bit differently. There are many cultures around the world that view death as not an end but a new beginning, a start of something beautiful and eternal, unlike this life we lead now, but more like the love we have for others - unending. So why wouldn't such a strong symbol be appropriate for something as enduring and eternal, as love? The bonds of marriage are meant to transcend death itself. So why not a skull?

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