Melissa's Palladium and Sapphire Bridal Set

Posted by Khay Amani Oberon on

Sapphire Solitaire Bridal Set in Palladium 

Melissa came to see me with quite a clear idea in mind. She wanted something low maintenance, classic and durable for her engagement ring and also for her fiancee's wedding ring. 

I designed a classic, clean cathedral style engagement ring in palladium with a matched wedding ring. The centre stone is a stunning, lively cornflower blue 1.25ct sapphire held securely but to maximum effect in a four claw setting. 

Her fiancee wanted something understated, not too shiny but in a suitable size for his hands. We decided to maintain the palladium theme, both for durability and affordability with low maintenance but put a sandblast finish on it. He loved it. 

I think the trio of rings really epitomize the ideals they had for simple, effective design and appeal, without worrying about durability or maintenance. I'm sure they will treasure these symbols of their love for one another for many decades to come. 

sapphire solitaire bridal set in palladium

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