Miles’ Regal Carved Lion Sapphire Engagement Ring

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The Lion King Inspired Engagement Ring

Lion King Engagement Ring yellow gold and sapphire

Sometimes your relationship has a particular quirk or symbol that holds a special meaning for both of you. For Miles and Natalia, that symbol is a lion, a la Scar or Mufasa from Disney’s “The Lion King”.

 The challenge in creating this ring was in sculpting a design that retained the feeling of the inspirational characters while retaining a sense of originality. Additionally, the lions needed to hold the sapphire in their mouths. After several design iterations, we agreed on a partial bezel setting that the lions grasped onto.

The ring was completed with a cornflower blue round sapphire that provided a beautiful contrast colour to the 18k yellow gold. Needless to say, when Miles proposed, Natalia was stunned! This is truly a one-of-a-kind ring made from the love between two soulmates.

Here’s what Miles had to say when we followed up with him after the proposal:

“K. Amani handled my custom-designed sapphire engagement ring. Having a more unconventional idea made me wary of choosing the wrong jeweller, but after being walked through the process by Khay and Jason, I knew that they would be very well suited to do my ring. They handled the project well, with great communication, professionalism and creative energy. We were able to iterate and discuss concepts easily, and found a great balance between the inspiration of the concept, and the practicalities of jewellery design. Thanks K. Amani!”

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