Sue's Watermelon Tourmaline Engagement and Wedding Ring

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The Watermelon Tourmaline and Diamond Ring to bind them all!

This is the story of Sue's dramatic watermelon tourmaline and diamond wedding ring.

tourmaline and diamond ring

Sorry about the overly dramatic title but this truly is a ring to bind them all. How you say? Read on to find out! 

Sue is a long time customer of mine who thoroughly loves my design aesthetic and passion for colour in jewels. She came in with some older pieces of jewellery she had inherited and loose small diamonds that had been salvaged from inherited jewellery over the years. They held sentimental value to her so would have liked to use them in a new design if at all possible. (spoiler alert: it is!)

Sue has an affinity for the opera and is quite forthright in her love of statement pieces of jewellery, as was evident in the purchases she had made of my pieces over the years prior. During our discussion Sue revealed more about herself including her musical background, specifically Opera music and I thought to bring some of that theatrical and almost rococo flair into my design for her. 

We talked about stones and design options, and came up with the idea to use a rare and stunning watermelon tourmaline and decoratively surround it with the gold and diamonds from her old jewellery. 

Sue, like a lot of people, wasn't familiar with watermelon tourmaline prior to our discussion so I explained to her that whilst tourmaline comes in a wide array of colours from pink to green to blue, purple and yellow, this particular type is rare and unique as the two or three colours in the one stone is nature's work at its finest. 

I explained that tourmaline is not your usual option when thinking about an engagement or wedding ring these days but with care can definitely be worn regularly. In Sue’s case this one, large, statement ring would serve as both wedding and engagement ring. Sue was confident she could take appropriate care of her new stone so we agreed that this was our way forward. 

The concept in the end was quite poetic: the new tourmaline represents Sue’s exciting and colorful future with her groom, which in turn is surrounded and BOUND (see what I did there?, told you it will bind them all!) by the intricate support structures of her family represented through the white gold and the old family diamonds. 

I had to add a bit more gold to have enough metalwork to make this show stopper of a wedding ring in my recognizably ornate signature style. I think the final result speaks for itself. This ring is definitely a reflection of my design flair but within the parameters of Sue’s values and personality. It’s the best of both worlds I think. 

Like the idea of a watermelon tourmaline engagement ring? I may still have some in my vault, how about a chat so we can see what's possible.

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