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Grace and Lorenz's Meadow Motif Rings

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Grace and Lorenz visited us earlier this year and were a bit stuck on ideas for their wedding rings. Grace had some idea of what she wanted but Lorenz wasn’t quite sure. At the consultation we quickly ascertained that both Grace and Lorenz were heavily involved in academia and shared a love of books and fine art. We toyed with these ideas somewhat until I discovered that their surname meant ‘meadow’ in its native language. This concept tied in with some previously discussed ideas and the concept for Lorenz’s ring was born.

We developed an idea for a rolling meadow, with a tree of life in the foreground and a sky reminiscent of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. For greater impact, we decided to make the ring quite wide, 10mm in fact. This also suited Lorenz’s long slender fingers quite well. We wanted to maximise the visibility of the details on the carving, so I knew I would need to oxidized the rings. I know from previous experience the blackening is best achieved on rose gold. Oxidized rose gold also immediately sets a mood of romantic old world charm to this set of rings.

From this idea we were able to decide on a design for Grace’s ring, which features vines and leaves similar to the Tree of Life featured on Lorenz’s ring. Thus, the pair of rings are thematically matched. These are truly custom wedding rings, and unlike anything they could find anywhere else.

We wish Grace and Lorenz a wonderful start to their married life with many happy years to come.