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Jake's 21st Birthday Ring

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A key might be the traditional 21st birthday present, but a custom-designed ring is even better!

Jake’s mum was recommended to us, and she wanted to see whether we could create a ring for her son that would be both handsome and meaningful. She had some initial design ideas that we were able to develop with her. Often a client will want to include a lot of different design facets in a single piece of jewellery, and it is necessary to identify which elements are the most important to emphasize; trying to include too much can make the design too busy. We were able to determine that a signet ring would be best for Jake’s purposes, as it is manly and has quite a bit of room to create a design.

Of great importance was Jake’s initials and the number 14, as it was the year in which Jake turned 21. We added these elements to the side of the signet, using Roman numerals for the number. The ring was made from 9K white gold, and we helped the text to pop by oxidizing the recesses between the letters and numbers.

The top of the signet was left simple and flat, but smartly decorated with eight black diamonds. It was a tradition in Jake’s family to give rings with onyx, and Jake’s mum wanted to preserve that idea but to include a more precious stone.

Jake was ecstatic to receive his ring and we have since learned that he has promised to never take it off! We reckon that’s a pretty great compliment.