Classic Flat profile wedding band

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Flat profile 6mm wedding ring in gold or platinum

You just can't beat the classics sometimes. Yes this is a plain 6mm width wedding band, but did you know there is great versatility with something so simple?

I have made plain bands like this many times, but the options for them are endless. I have had clients order a plain one for their wedding only to have some engraving done later, either a meaningful message on the inside, or something decorative on the outside. 

I've also had clients come back and have small diamonds or other gemstones bead set into the band itself. Not so simple suddenly, right?

Plain bands however are a very safe bet if you are someone who needs a wedding ring but are otherwise unsure about styles or worried about things not matching with clothing choices from day to day. In this instance, the versatility of a classic flat profile is unmatched. The flat surface somewhat modernizes the classic style, but is understated enough to not compete with your everyday fashion choices or lifestyle. 

With this in mind, the only difficult choice you have to make, is colour! If you don't really have any preference, try and answer these questions for yourself:

  • what colour metal are my other accessories or jewellery pieces? (things like tie-pins, or belt buckles, watches and metal buttons)
  • does my spouse-to-be have a metal colour theme going that I want to maybe adhere to?

If those two questions don't apply, maybe consider a gold/metal that flatters your complexion tones.