Dragon scale Ring

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The Dragonscale Ring

It's back, the O. G Dragon Scale Wedding Band

I developed this design about five years ago when it took off so unexpectedly and virally, worldwide. Since then I found myself making this ring steadily every week, and almost always for an offshore client. Over that time I have made many versions too, denser scales, wider scales, thicker scales, pointier scales - you name it. I suppose I really need to thank Smaug for all the success really. I suppose it's also fitting that this ring is handcrafted right here in Middle Earth (New Zealand). 

I've also made it in every precious metal from sterling silver all the way through to platinum. Today I offer this design in it's bigger badder format. I've rounded off the outer edge of the scale for ease of wear, and maintained a defined point on each scale to really push the reptilian agenda. I am confident this is the best dragonscale ring yet. 

This latest iteration of the dragon scale ring is 6mm wide, but can be made, upon request in other widths and in all ring sizes. 

This ring can also be engraved inside for free! Just let us know what you want engraved when you checkout. We can accommodate most reasonable requests.


See below past customer orders for this exclusive to K. Amani design. Nowhere else in the world will you find this dragon scale ring, and if you do, it's a knock off!