About Us


For Custom Made Diamond and Sapphire Jewellery, K. Amani Fine Jeweller is a specialist. 

We specialize in sapphires of all colours and other rare, colourful gemstones. We have a variety of exclusive engagement ring and wedding ring designs available for purchase from our website. Can't find what you're looking for? No need to worry, you can browse and shop both in store and online, as well as have Khay, our goldsmith and jewellery designer, design you a custom piece from scratch.

K. Amani Fine Jeweller was founded by Khay Amani in 2009. Today, Khay is our company's designer and goldsmith. In an industry heavily dictated by tradition, Khay endeavours to think outside of the box. She has a fresh take on the traditional and applies her own aesthetic to her designs. This does at times mean turning tradition on it's head, but it's a gamble worth taking as her clients always find her work both beautiful and desirable, with many repeat clients coming in year after year. What makes Khay's work individual is her rich heterogeneity as a person, and her Burmese-Indian heritage, accented by her birth in Fiji and her upbringing in New Zealand.

A piece of Khay is in every design.