Custom Made Engagement Rings, sapphire rings and more

Custom Made Ring Process

Three steps to one of a kind, heirloom quality engagement rings and more.

Custom Made Jewellery Order Process Infographic

To explain in detail, we have a discussion about your needs, this can be either instore, via email or phone, or even skype, your location in the world need not be a barrier to us working together. During this discussion we explore the possibilities for your project. We talk about materials, manufacturing methods, options for details, style considerations, budget and time-frame for completion. You have an opportunity to throw out any and all ideas and questions you may have, trust me, nothing is too weird around here!

K. Amani now has enough information to put her design expertise to work! She will produce a design or two for you based on your discussion. This part of the process is started with a $89 design fee which forms part of your entire custom make budget. K. Amani will inform you of a turnaround for drawings (usually between 3-10 working days depending on season). These drawings will be digital renderings much like this one below.

1 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring in yellow gold

Yep, that's right, this isn't a photo, it's a digital rendering. We do our design work this way to eliminate any assumptions or potential for miscommunication. Design is subjective enough without any added complications!

Now the hard part - for you to make a decision, or suggest any changes. At this point, any and all feedback is welcome, these are drawings after all, nothing irreversible has happened. We can continue with this back and forth until we nail that design completely and you reply with a resounding YES!

Next, I confirm the amount for deposit, usually 50% of the quote, once this is paid by you either online, or instore, I begin the meticulous task of crafting your unique and precious piece.

The balance of the payment is due on completion of the work, before sending it out to you (or have it ready for you in-store). And that's it! That is how you get yourself a custom made engagement ring right here in Auckland, or anywhere in the world really! Don't let my location deter you, I have completed hundreds of custom orders for clients all over the world to dazzling effect.

Why wait? Get in touch now to see what possibilities await.