2mm Wedding Ring

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Classic 2mm wedding band in gold or platinum

This band is a perfect pairing for engagement rings with slender bands, with a nice low profile to fit alongside most settings or even if used as a spacer between stackable rings.

A 2mm wedding ring is a good option if you don't want to overpower the star of the show which should be your engagement ring. It's also a good choice if you have very small hands or fingers with not area to work with in terms of placing more than one ring on a finger. 

These 2mm wedding bands are all handmade here in my Auckland studio. I tend not to make anything much thinner than this as the aim of wedding and engagement rings is to last beyond your lifetime, if a ring is too thin to begin with you are unnecessarily shortening it's lifespan in favor of a passing style fad. This isn't something I advise, so trust me when I say 2mm is plenty dainty!