Classic 6mm Half Round Wedding Ring

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6mm Half Round Profile Classic Wedding Band

This here, folks is it. This is the eternally timeless, iconic, un-aging, all-enduring  wedding ring. Depicted everywhere from antiquity right through to modern pop culture (The One Ring, for example). 

This here is the half round profile wedding band in a comfy yet very sturdy 6mm width. The rounded profile does create a bit more comfort between the fingers when worn, which may be something to consider if you are someone who is normally averse to jewellery or rings, but needs a wedding ring. This kind of soft profile is the easiest to get used to wearing. 

The design itself is effortlessly simple, a soft curve with a flat internal surface that can be engraved for free by us when you purchase this ring. 

The doming of the surface does catch the light a lot more than a flat profile of the same size, so do bear this in mind if you aren't wanting something too shiny. K. Amani can definitely make this in a matte finish if the bling factor is not your thing. 

This type of ring is definitely the 'little black dress' or the 'standard black suit' of the jewellery world. You just can't do wrong with it.