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Kacie's and Jessi's Wedding Rings

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We met Kacie and Jessi a number of years ago, and when the time came for these two lovely ladies to get married, they asked us to create their rings.

Kacie and Jessi opted for a nontraditional wedding with some traditional elements, including their mothers’ wedding rings. Both diamond rings were 18K white gold, and one contained beautiful dark blue sapphires. However, the couple wanted to remodel these heirlooms into designs that better matched their personalities. As part of this new design, both rings would share the sapphires.

Kacie opted for a channel-set wedding ring with rounded edges, accented by three sapphires. As an additional flourish, a fleur de lis pattern was engraved at the beginning and end of the channel.

Jessi’s design was more elaborate, which matches her sense of style. A halo of diamonds surrounds a sapphire centre, which is supported by a criss-cross pattern of diamonds and sapphires. Along the base of the band is the date of their wedding in Roman numerals.

Each of these rings is highly personalised and singular. Kacie and Jessi knew that with their personal taste they would never find appropriate rings from a typical jewellery retailer, so they made the smart decision to enlist the help of a creative jeweller.