Sarah's and Chase's Tree Design Wedding Rings

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What to do when you want a specific design for your wedding ring that needs to match your non-traditional engagement ring?

That’s just the spot Sarah was in after her boyfriend, Chase, proposed to her with a great engagement ring he had found second-hand. The engagement ring featured free-flowing curves along the diamond setting, which created great difficulty in finding an off-the-shelf wedding band to fit it perfectly. But Sarah wanted something even more unique: her wedding band needed to be custom designed with a leaf and branch motif. Chase’s wedding band should match that theme, while remaining unobtrusive, as Chase works with his hands.

Sarah and Chase turned to K. Amani to provide a solution to their dilemma. One further complication was that Sarah and Chase live in the United States, and in order to create a shadow band that perfectly matches her engagement ring, Sarah needed to ship her engagement ring all the way to us in New Zealand! Her trust in us was well-placed, and we were able to 3D scan an exact replica of her existing ring to work from.

This was a very interesting and rewarding project to work on, as the rings were quite organic in design. We consulted back and forth with Sarah and Chase via email and Facebook, showing them design ideas and work-in-progress examples. When the rings were finished, we shipped everything to them via tracked and insured airmail. They were astounded with the results!